Committees and Community Participation

First Universalist Parish of Chester has various ministries and programs in which members and friends participate.

Board of Trustees
A democratically elected group of officers that oversees church policy and finances.

  • President – Stephanie Rowe
  • Vice President – Nancy Davis
  • Secretary – Gretchen McCabe
  • Treasurer – Steven Davis
  • Assistant Treasurer – Scott Wunderle
  • Member at Large – Melody Reed
  • Member at Large – Barbara Windham

Youth Program
Prepares and conducts religious education programs for children, arranges for Sunday childcare and coordinates the interaction of the children with the adult programs.

Finance Committee
Evaluates and recommends investment, fundraising and other revenue efforts of the church.

Choir Director
Music Director organizes music and choir for Sunday worship

Membership and Communication Committee
Coordinates communication within the church and outreach to those in the area who might have an interest in joining our community.

Principles in Action
We put our principles in action by taking a monthly offering to support social service and social action organizations.

Property Committee
Oversees the physical well-being of this historic building.

Worship Committee
Coordinates Sunday services, secures supply ministers as needed, and plans the Christmas family service.

Church members and friends also:
Engage in social action, including local charitable financial support, petitions for various causes, and special collections. Meet through the year for evening fellowship or religious discussions.

Committee and Program Representatives

Events and Rentals – Julane Deener
Fellowship – Stephanie Rowe
Maintenance – Scott Wunderle, Melody Reed
Membership and Communication – Nancy Davis, Melody Reed and Nena Nanfeldt
Newsletter – Barbara Windham – (
Website – Nena Nanfeldt
Facebook – Melody Reed
Climate Action Team – Laurel Green
Worship Committee – Melody Reed