Religious Exploration Learns About Medicine Wheels with Jamie Maloof

The RE kids started their Medicine Wheel project this month with guest naturalist and herbalist, Jamie Maloof.  We had a full house that day!  The kids got an introduction to native medicine wheels, saw pictures and learned about the different meanings they may convey.  We discovered the endless possibilities for constructing, laying out and populating a medicine wheel, from flowers, medicinal and edible herbs and plants, rocks and wood.  We discussed the possibility (probability) of installing a fire ring in the center, growing plants and herbs that lend themselves to further RE projects such as making herb pillows, salves and teas.  After much discussion and viewing of sample medicine wheels, we began the process of imagining our own, with each child starting to draw their ideas for a medicine wheel.  All in all, it was a great start to what will doubtless be an engaging, inspiring, creative venture that will offer nice opportunities for community-building and inter-generational engagement within our parish.

The children also are enjoying the opportunities to give back to the greater community by making food for the Greater Falls Warming shelter, one main dish and then a dessert, and by deciding to hold an Ice Cream Social fundraiser for this past month's Principles in Action cause, the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  The children watched a short film portraying a little girl with serious health issues, what her life was like with these challenges and how her life was so brightened by having her wish come true.  The difficulty this little girl faced was not lost on the children, and they were visibly affected by this story of struggle and hope.  They were eager to contribute their efforts, ideas and energy to this cause.  Almost all our kids showed up for this event and everyone participated fully and with joy.  

During the month of April, there will be RE every week except April 16.  Thanks for the opportunity to work with these amazing kids.