Art at the FUP

by Nena Nanfeldt

Does your inner artist need a regular, supportive environment where you can “do” art? Every Tuesday from 3-5:30, the community room at the First Universalist Parish in Chester’s Stone Village is alternately buzzing or serene as artists pursue their creative art projects.

All are welcome; first timers, beginners and experienced artists. We represent a variety of artistic mediums including water color, oil, pastels, quilting and any other means by which you like to express your creativity.

Please call or email Nena Nanfeldt, 802-875-4309, or Marilyn Mason, 802-875-4945, for information and to get on our email list. We will be sure you have table space and a chair. You need to bring your art supplies and a cover for your table space. Stop by for a visit on a Tuesday afternoon to meet the artists and check out our space, or bring your supplies and stay for art.

Whether you are an experienced artist or new to art, please join us. Our friendly, supportive environment will help your creativity flourish.