Religious Exploration Prepares for June Service and Medicine Wheel Progress

The RE kids will be very busy working this month on the Medicine Wheel and also putting together their service for June 4.  The theme for the service will be "Peace" and we will have music and readings and a skit.

This Sunday, the children will be going on a field trip to Jamie's dad's greenhouse where they will be planting seeds for the wheel.  They have chosen what they would like to have in the wheel for plants and the design of the wheel.

Now it is time for us to ask for your help!  In order to keep costs down and involve the greater church community, we have put together a list of items and other help that we need for the wheel.  Please review the list below and let Lisa know what you can help with, either by talking to her or emailing her at

For plants we are looking for the following:

Lemon Balm
Bee balm (monarda)
Sunflower seed packet

For other items we will need or require help with....

*Transporting/truck rocks to build wheel with (from Rosie's or elsewhere)
*Top Soil/garden soil
*tools to use like shovels and rakes
*and people willing to dig and move rocks!
*a couple stumps and a board for making a bench OR someone willing to make a simple wood bench
*people willing to help water once a schedule is made for the summer time