May 5th First Parish Newsletter

May Worship

Sunday Services begin at 9:30
Childcare Provided

May 7, 2017 | Nick Boke
“A pebble from the shingle”: The opposing faces of science in the modern world.
The poet Robinson Jeffers concluded his poem “Science,” which was written in the 1930s, thus: “A little knowledge, a pebble from the shingle, /A drop from the oceans; who would have dreamed this infinitely little too much?” Cut to March 2017, when physicist Stephen Hawking told the Times of London that world government may be the only way to protect ourselves from the robots.

May 14, 2017 | Kevin Carson
“Welcome to the Anthropocene”
In August 2016, the scientific body that officially designates the names of geological strata
recommended that we call the current epoch of Earth’s history the “Anthropocene”– the age of humans. What does it mean to be human in “the age of humans”?

May 21, 2017 | Nancy Crumbine
"Bluets whiten the fields….”
A meditation on creativity, lilacs, persistence, and otters, with help from Thoreau, who saw the bluets, and Emerson who wrote: "What potent blood hath modest May.”

May 28, 2017 | Jane Dwinell
What Can We Do?
Rev. Jane Dwinell is just back from the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC and will share
some thoughts about what we can do in the face of climate change. She was the minister at the First Universalist Parish in Derby Line, VT and the Adirondack Unitarian Universalist Community in Saranac Lake, NY, and worked as a small congregation consultant. She is mostly retired, and lives in Burlington, VT with her husband, son, and daughter-in-law where they love to play disc golf, Bridge, and grow lots of veggies.

May Principles in Action

Our May donation will go to the American Diabetes Association. The Heybryne family will be participating in the annual fundraising walk the first weekend in May that supports research efforts that one day may result in a cure for juvenile diabetes and help kids like Brielle and Sydney. Both girls have juvenile diabetes and the Heybyrne family has learned to give injections, count carbohydrates, and monitor blood sugar levels regularly. The girls pancreases are unable to produce the insulin needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into the energy needed to live. We all hope that the research being undertaken by The American Diabetes Association will result in a cure for juvenile diabetes one day in the near future.

Religious Exploration (RE) May-June

The RE kids will be very busy working this month on the Medicine Wheel and also putting together their service for June 4. The theme for the service will be "Peace" and we will have music and readings and a skit. This Sunday, the children will be going on a field trip to Jamie's dad's greenhouse where they will be planting seeds for the wheel. They have chosen what they would like to have in the wheel for plants and the design of the wheel. Now it is time for us to ask for your help! In order to keep costs down and involve the greater church community, we have put together a list of items and other help that we need for the wheel. Please review the list below and let Lisa know what you can help with, either by talking to her or emailing her at Thanks!

For plants we are looking for the following:

Lemon Balm
Bee balm (monarda)
Sunflower seed packet

For other items we will need or require help with....

*Transporting/truck rocks to build wheel with (from Rosie's or elsewhere)
*Top Soil/garden soil
*tools to use like shovels and rakes
*and people willing to dig and move rocks!
*a couple stumps and a board for making a bench OR someone willing to make a simple wood bench
*people willing to help water once a schedule is made for the summer time

Honoring the Drivers and Saying Goodbye – May 28

The process of saying goodbye to active members of our congregation is always bittersweet. We are excited for David and Laura that they have purchased a new home in Amherst Massachusetts, close to their children and grandchildren. They expect to be relocating from Vermont over the summer, and we hope they will return for a visit every now and then. Their departure will leave a big empty spot here in Chester and we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for their many contributions over the last decade during our worship service on May 28th. There will be a brunch following the service and everyone is invited to bring a dish to share and to come and wish David and Laura the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives. They certainly will be missed.

Art at the Stone Church

Please join us Tuesday at 3PM in the parish community room for "ART". We meet weekly from 3-5 in a supportive, creative environment. Whatever artistic medium you practice; water color, oil, pastels, drawing, quilting, or jewelry design, you are welcome. Come every week or when you can. We are excited to produce and share our art. No need to sign up. Just show up.

From Melody Reed:
Calling Artist and Artsy friends!
 I want to hang an art show in my studio shop (inside the Moon Dog Cafe, Chester). I'm looking for mixed media pieces no larger than 16 x 20. The criteria: anything goes but must be a mixed media piece and MUST incorporate a vintage photo booth photo. The photo can be a copy, and does not have to be an original. If you have more questions PM me. Timetable, it's a quick turnaround; I'd love to have the work by the end of the month. I'd like to have at least a dozen pieces, the more the merrier. The show will hang at least a month, maybe longer. Please let me know if you're interested and spread the word! Thanks!