May 2019 Newsletter

May Worship Leaders

May 5, 2019, by Kevin Carson: Unitarian Christianity at 200
On May 5, 1819 William Ellery Channing delivered his famous sermon “Unitarian Christianity” (also known as the "Baltimore Sermon”) at the ordination of Rev. Jared Sparks in Baltimore, Maryland. Does his sermon that defined Unitarianism in his day still speak to us 200 years later?

May 12, 2019, by Rev. Dr. Nancy Jay Crumbine

May 19, 2019, by Kevin Carson: “Occupations, Vocations, and the Heart’s Bliss”
In response to my invitation for sermon topics, one of you suggested I talk about my ongoing work in both Information Technology and ministry. What (if anything) makes a vocation different from an oc-cupation, and how can we find our heart’s bliss?

May 26, 2019, by Nick Boke: “ How do we act religiously?”
My Shiite friend’s decision to take off her headscarf and sneak out for a glass of wine, combined with some Rhode Island legislators’ decision to dab their fore-heads with ash in March got me wondering about the relationship between what we believe and what we do.

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